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Look for the
Tadpole Bass coming in May. It's the smallest of the
ukulele bass family and has an 18.01" scale and a concert uke sized
body. Also, look for a new range in the Pahoehoe polyurethane strings
to cover scale lengths of 18" to 23". They will become available mid

Look for Road Toad Basses at the 'Ukulele Guild of Hawai'i Exhibition
November 4th & 5th.

Baby Bufo complete!
click to see

Semi-hollow bass in 4 string version will be available late September.

Semi-hollow bass proto at the Road Toad site:
5 string semi-hollow

An mp3 sound clip courtesy of Uke Jackson is now added to the site. File
is about 1 mb. You can link it here:  
Uke on bass

A 5 string low B, E, A, D, G version bass is in development. Look for
updates late August 2006.
5/10/2006. site is up and running. Look for additional pages to be
added in May and June.

A link to some pictures from the NY Ukefest will be added soon.

Look for Road Toad Basses at both
The Museum of Craft and Folk Art in
San Francisco, CA and
The Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad, CA in
exhibits starting in August 2007.

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Scarab Semi-hollow bass added to gallery page.

064SHB Scarab
March 2011

String Store page added

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June 2011

Kala U-Bass page added

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