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The Road Toad Big Bufo Bass is based on the baritone 'ukulele body
and scale. Special strings have been created to give you that big bass
sound. Road Toad Basses have a natural tone that can be used in for a
variety of styles of music.

Because of the small size, these instruments must be amplified. The
K&K Sound piezo pickup has a very high output, so no preamp is
needed, though I can supply a K&K belt clip preamp if you prefer more
control over volume & tone.
Kala U-Bass
Pahoehoe Strings
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Instrument wood
Available Basses
The original Big Bufo Bass was built around
the use of nylon strings. The nylon string
version is tuned E-A-D-G and has a very
natural tone. It is one octave higher than an
upright double bass. The nylon strings range
from .065" to .105" in diameter. I no longer
do the nylon strings.

The polyurethane string version is also
tuned E-A-D-G and was created to play in
the same octave range as an upright bass.
When tuned, string diameters range from
.070" to .185". These strings have a higher
mass than the nylon and do an excellent job
at duplicating that acoustic bass sound. New
strings added to cover instruments with 18"
to 25" scale lengths.
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sound clip care of Uke Jackson
This is the koa 2 puka bass on the gallery page
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sound clip care of Chris Hadden
This is the primavera semi-hollow bass on the
gallery page
Tadpole Concert Uke sized bass added to the
Gallery page 4/2007
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Baby Bufo Tenor Uke sized bass added to the
Gallery page 11/2006
4 string E-A-D-G semi-hollow bass instruments will be
available starting in mid September 2006. Standard woods
are select myrtle, walnut, koa, primavera, black limba and
maple. Figured top & back woods are also available. Please
visit the
www.roadtoadmusic.com/Pricing page for more
To contact, please click on the e-mail link
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